Daily Routine

​​​​School commences at 8:25am and concludes at 2:55pm with the following break times:

10:35am - 11:05am:

Morning Tea

1:05pm - 1:55pm


  • Supervision by a member of the school staff commences at 8.00am each day (parents who need to deliver children to school prior to 8.00am are expected to use the services of the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) facility).

  • All children, including those accompanied by parents, arriving after 8.00am are required to gather and be seated in the undercover area near the Uniform shop.

  • Children not enrolled at OSHC should not arrive until after 8.00am. In exceptional circumstances, eg to accommodate bus travellers, exceptions are made.

  • Under no circumstances should children enter the school grounds before 8.00am except to access the School Hours Care programme or to engage in extra curricular activities organised and supervised by a staff member.

The children are supervised during morning tea and lunch. Teachers also supervise the children as they board the buses in the afternoon from 2.55pm and at the car park pick up area at the bottom covered area until 3.20pm. After 3.20pm children will be referred to Outside School Hours Care.

If your child’s normal pick up routine is varied on a particular day, a note to the teacher informing them of the change is most beneficial. In an emergency, a telephone message can be left with the school office staff, however, no responsibility can be taken by the school for messages left after 2.30pm or when students are engaged in activities away from the school in the last session of the school day, e.g. sport or excursions. Please do not plan to pass on messages to students through the office staff, except in exceptional circumstances.