Library & Resource Centre

​​​​St Anthony's School Library is the school's central hub supporting students, staff, parents and community members.

The library combines three main elements: staff, resources and space.

The library staff comprises a teacher librarian and library officer.

Resources are organised into Junior Fiction (JF), Fiction (F), Non Fiction (NF), NF for younger readers and Home Readers.

The library also houses teacher and classroom resources in all nine learning areas of the Australian Curriculum from Prep to Year 6.

The Library promotes the development of reading skills and encourages long-term learning habits through reading.  Students are exposed to, view and listen to a variety of resources during weekly borrowing with their class where reader guidance is offered to all students.  The independence to choose their own reading and to take ownership of their own borrowing is encouraged.  Further opportunities to borrow are available before school and at lunchtime.  A school satchel or other waterproof bag is required for borrowing.

Students and parents are invited to use the link to Access our Library.  Oliver is the software program used by Brisbane Catholic Education schools.

The library is a safe space that values and welcomes all students.  Daily lunchtime activities include reading, drawing, construction, games, borrowing and a space to simply "hang out."

Reading for pleasure is promoted through the library involvement in:

  • Premier's Reading Challenge
  • Book Fair
  • Simultaneous Storytime​
  • Visiting authors and illustrators
  • Book Week
  • Perform Education

The library is a safe, vibrant and welcoming place that provides access to the stories, information and technology that students need.