Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

What is Positive Behaviour 4 Learning?

PB4L is about people, practices and processes – it is not a program but the way we work within our school community.  A focus on learning, capability building and identifying and spreading good evidence-based practice are all integrated into the PB4Learning strategy.

Continuum of support and key features

An important component of PB4Learning is the adoption of a continuum of behavioural supports that, like academic instruction, acknowledges that students will need differing levels of behavioural interventions and supports to be successful at school. ​

Within the continuum there are three levels of support:

Universal or Tier 1:

The first level focuses on Universal behavioural and academic supports for all students.  Here the focus in on prevention of problem solving behaviours, providing early intervention for those at risk and creating positive learning environments across all settings in the school.  Research has shown that approximately 80-85% of students will respond to proactive universal supports, display the desired appropriate behaviours and have few behaviour problems. (Horner & Sugai, 2005; Lewis, Newcomer, Trussell & Ritcher, 2006).

Tier 2: 

The second level focuses on students who continue to display problem behaviour even with the universal supports in place.  Through the use of data, students are identified early, before problem behaviours become intense or chronic and receive Targeted supports such as small group social skill instruction, academic supports and self-management strategies (Sailor et al.,2013).

Tier 3: 

The third level of support is intensive or individualised.  These students will require highly individualised behaviour support programs based on comprehensive behavioural assessment, which at times, will include mental health professionals and family and community services.

By building a connected continuum, everyone in the school is aware of how each level of support is connected to the universal systems i.e. every targeted and individualised intervention uses the universal set of behavioural expectations to increase the likelihood of maintenance and generalisation to other context.

St Anthony’s Behaviour Matrix:

The St Anthony’s Behaviour Matrix provides students, staff and community members with a clear understanding of how we believe our “Five Star Achievements” (Be Respectful, Be Inclusive, Be Safe, Be a Learner, Be Honest) should look, feel and sound both in the classroom and outside in play areas.

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