Specialist Programs

​​​​​St Anthony's provides a range of specialist activities for our students to enjoy:

Health & Physical Education/Sport

Physical Education / Sport are an integral part of school life, and as such, every child is expected to participate. If a child is to be exempted from some particular PE/Sporting activity, notification in writing must be received from home stating the reason. Regular interschool sport is generally limited to Years 5 and 6. A rotational selection of both sport and non-sporting options is offered to students in Years 4-6 in Term 2 and Term 4.

The Sports Uniform is worn three a week. These days will differ for each year level depending on HPE lessons.​

The Sports program is as follows (arrangements may vary from year to year):-​

Term One:

Swimming Representative Team

​​Cross Country Representative/Intraschool Competition

Term Two:​

Touch Football Representative Team​​​

Netball Representative Team

Term Three:

Athletics Prep to Year 6

Term Four:

Swimming Prep to Year 3

Children with particular expertise in any sport will be encouraged and supported in their participation at district, zone and state level of the Primary School Sports Association of Queensland. St Anthony’s has a proud record in this area with children having competed at all levels in various sports including Australian championship winners and placegetters.

Athletics Carnival

​​An Athletics Carnival is held for Prep to Year 6 in the first half of the year. The date is set in accord with the schedule for District, Regional and State Championships.


The St Anthony’s Arts program provides an opportunity for our students to develop skills for life; it is an excellent platform to develop effective communication, social skills and understandings about human experiences. Focuses on fostering effective communication skills using the body and voice, as well as other elements of expression. It allows children to explore ideas, and express their understandings with others in a collaborative learning environment and develops higher order thinking skills through role taking and questioning of real and imagined events. Children in Prep to Year 6 attend weekly Arts lessons. But it doesn’t stop there: these skills are transferable and can be seen to be used in general classroom activities, presentations and liturgies throughout the year. ​

Instrumental Music

Music lessons are offered on a user pays basis by Creative Kidz on Stage to students from Year 4 in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, drums/percussion and guitar. Creative Kidz on Stage also offer a weekly band rehearsal free of charge to students of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments when they are ready to participate.

For more information contact Creative Kidz via email info@creativekidz.com.au.

Languages​: Japanese

Japanese is offered in Years 5 and ​6 with Year 4 participating in an 'Introduction to Japanese' and concentrates on the culture of our Asian neighbour as well as the language. Students are engaged in two lessons, totalling one and a half hours per week.

The program consists of a combination of Japanese language and culture. The focus is on communication, so lessons are based on speaking and listening skills, as well as reading and writing, while becoming aware of the customs, traditions and celebrations of the Japanese people.