Assessment & Reporting

​​​​Parent Information Evenings

Parent Information Evenings are held in February of each school year for Prep – Year 6 to enable parents to meet teachers and to become familiar with the program and procedures for that year.​

Reporting Individual Student Achievement

St Anthony’s holds the position that reporting is a process made up of a number of practices that apply in a cyclic approach. Some of these practices include reporting summaries of achievement in a report format; teacher/parent interviews about learning achievement and progress; portfolio reporting that includes overall statements of achievement or progress in learning areas; and opportunities for parents to participate in assessment opportunities where students demonstrate their learning through end of Unit presentations.

The purpose of reporting in primary is to report individual student progress against the curriculum intent, designed as essential learnings for all students in the schooling process. The purpose of reporting in the early phase is to describe students’ development against a learning continuum.

Currently there are a number of Commonwealth, State and local regulations and guidelines for reporting student achievement to parents. The Queensland Government, through the Department of Education and the Arts, has provided principles to guide reporting individual student achievement to parents. At this time there are no regulations from legislation for this process.

​In Summary then, incorporating regulations and guidelines from both Commonwealth and State bodies, St Anthony’s School; 

  • Provides Parents with the NAPLAN reports on standardised Year 3, 5 literacy and numeracy testing.

  • Provides an opportunity for the parents to meet with the child’s Teacher at least twice a year.​

  • Provides written reports to parents at least twice yearly, including assessment against achievement levels for subjects studied. This is reported using a five point scale.

  • Provides information on a child’s achievement relative to the child’s peer group.

  • Parents/Caregivers are invited once a term to a whole class/ whole school or individual celebration of Students Learning