Principal's Message


Oprincipal.jpgur school belongs to the Brisbane Archdiocese, and as part of the Alexandra Hills Catholic Parish, caters for the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of boys and girls from Prep to Year 6​. The school boasts of a beautiful natural environment with exceptionally large fully fenced grounds (including two large ovals), promoting safety for our students. A spirit of care and harmony is indeed obvious within the community and you will witness this experience when you first enter the school as indicated in our mission: “Our school is a vibrant, special place where loyalty, belonging and school spirit are actions that speak”.
St Anthony’s offers an excellent holistic and educational program for the students built on outcomes based learning as well as taking pride in our arts and sporting traditions. Our school has a commitment to provide a wide range of spiritual, educational and cultural activities for our students. We recognise that parents are the “first educators of their children”. Parental involvement is encouraged and supported at St Anthony’s from Prep to Year 6 and we also encourage your commitment to St Anthony’s for seven ​years of your child’s journey.

The vision of St Anthony’s is tied to the Christian values espoused by the spirituality of the Franciscan’s, through St Anthony. These values are at the heart of our student’s educational experience and a strong part of the school’s Mission.

In essence they are:

  • Service to others, especially those who are marginalized

  • Compassion

  • Being just

  • Learning in and through community​

Through our Strategic Renewal Framework we focus on the quality of the curriculum that is offered and ensure that this curriculum is aligned to our new Mission statement. These structures and processes are designed to ensure accountability and to promote quality education. Furthermore, they assist St Anthony’s in reflecting on and celebrating the high quality of current practice. At the same time, these renewal practices help with development of areas that will better meet the needs of our students to take their place as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Our staff is a dedicated group of caring professionals who work together to ensure a sound education is provided for the children. All staff are highly qualified and trained, coming to St Anthony’s from various Universities around Australia, Overseas as well as from our Australian Catholic University in Brisbane. They bring to our school a wide range of educational backgrounds and innovative and creative teaching strategies. Recognition of efforts and achievements are valued and highlighted. Each week the children participate in a Prayer and the Student Merit Award’s Assemblies where children are recognised for their efforts in all aspects of their learning.

In 2007, Queensland introduced a non-compulsory, full time preparatory year, followed by a change in the school starting age in 2008. Children born between 1 July 2006 and 30 June 2007 will be eligible for the 2012 preparatory year of schooling before enrolling in Year 1 in 2013. Children need to be five in the year that they start preparatory class. As a member of our community at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, your time here will be fruitful and beneficial to you and your family. I ask for your full support in our endeavours and look forward to working with you over the coming years as together we strengthen our partnership for the benefits of our future leaders.

In these current times with emphasis on success, may we help each other appreciate that “success” in the eyes of God, lies not so much in what we have, as it does in what we are.

Marty Savage