Our School

School Ethos + Climate + Spirit = CULTURE


The culture and practice of St Anthony’s can be expressed through: Ethos/Climate/Spirit. All concerned with the operations of a school – students, parents and staff are quick to discern how St Anthony’s differs from another school in Ethos/Climate/Spirit/Culture

As a Catholic School we promote the traditions and ethos of the Catholic Church, which unites the personal and social aspect of our Catholic culture. The ethos of St Anthony’s refers to the pervading spirit or 12 character which is reflected in our daily learning such as The Arts (Music and Drama Achievements/results), Sporting Achievements (Local, District and State Representatives), Academic Excellence (Maths competitions, Literacy competitions, reports from Secondary Schools etc), Community Involvement (Local Shopping Centres – Top Quiz Kids etc) and Religious activities (Missions, Assemblies). St Anthony’s is remembered by past students as a happy and friendly place. Students often return for visits long after they have left the school. ​

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