​​The appropriate school uniform should be worn at all times. It looks neat, wears well and shows school pride. Students have 2 different uniforms they are required to wear each week. The Sports Uniform is worn 3 days per week and a Formal Uniform that is worn on other days or when undertaking non-sporting excursions away from the school. Prep students wear the Sports Uniform every day.

New Uniform Purchase

School uniform requirements may be purchased from two locations.  St Anthony’s Uniform Shop, which operates in the bottom covered area adjacent to the car park, each Monday and Friday from 8.00am to 9.30am (subject to change). St Anthony’s Uniform Shop accepts eftpos and cash only.

Second Hand Uniforms

Can be purchased from 2nd Go Uniforms situated at Thornlands. Kim Mandla is offering this second hand uniform service to parents for several different schools in the Redlands. Kim can be contacted on email: ckmandla@gmail.com or 3820 9881 Mobile: 0412 281 060
Sports Uniform Days

Sports uniform is worn three times a week on the following days: 

  • Year 1: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Year 2: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Year 3: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Year 4: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Year 5: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Year 6: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday​