School Tuckshop: Tuckshop Antonio

Our tuckshop is staffed by volunteers enabling us to provide a healthy menu at reasonable cost. The Tuckshop operates every Friday.

Online ordering is available and we encourage and thank families who do use this system.

Volunteers are vital to the success of Tuckshop and we would be very appreciative of your support. The Tuckshop roster board is located in the undercover area near the blue seats. Any amount of time gratefully accepted!!!

Thanks for your support in advance
Anna Pengelly & Amanda Leo

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Online Ordering Details

Ordering is now possible online through !

All you need to do is:

  1. Set up your child/ children’s details on the system. School Reg ID is 2574963
  2. Input the amount of money you would like to place on tab
  3. Credit the money either directly to account 064172 10617598 (St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School Tuckshop Antonio Acc) with your Surname in the details section or, drop cash to tuckshop in envelope with name/class details.
  4. We will then verify this on the system and you are right to order! no cost to parents or school unless credit card used. (10 cent charge per paper bag)